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Fashion Lining Polyester Cotton Flannel New Plaid Fabric
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    Specifications: Fashion Lining Polyester Cotton Flannel New Plaid Fabric
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    Date: 08-12-2021
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     Fashion Lining Polyester Cotton Flannel New Plaid Fabric

    Hot selling polyester/cotton plain checked fabric, high utilization rate, can be used in a variety of product fields, a wide range of design, novel lattice type, soft feel, various styles.Easy to choose, adequate stock to undertake BOM orders.


    Advantages: Soft, breathable and comfortable.Polyester/cotton fabric has high polyester fiber content, and has good heat and light resistance and stability.Smooth and breathable. Bright color, high fiber strength, durable, light resistant, heat resistant, tall and straight.


    Polyester / cotton flannel fabrics after desizing, hair, finalize the design after finishing, flannelette surface hair feeling fine and close, feel is more soft, also, between its thickness, polyester/cotton flannel suit to the spring and autumn winter, and its shrinkage is smaller than cotton, resilient has certain advantages compared with cotton, fade almost no, this is the characteristic of this kind of fabric.


    In the fabric design, development, we will according to the color of the season, to map lattice model, again, a fight between continual production, trial order, every year there are a number of new style shipment, customer don't worry about our products will be out of date, we will follow the market trend, every year we will have the different product pictures sent to every customer.In terms of product services, we will not only follow up with new products, but also provide some products for reference according to customers' requirements during sales. We will make accurate judgments and provide good suggestions according to customers' market positioning.After sales, for the problems in the later stage of the product, we will find the problem, make the best response strategy, so that the loss of both sides to a minimum.


    Compared with other products, the price and stock quantity of our products are very affordable and sufficient. We don't need to worry about stock shortage. The stock quantity of each color ranges from 3000 yards to 10000 yards, so as long as you have the order, we have the quantity and don't worry about the delivery time.

    Choose us is to choose a loyal partner, we will do our best to help every customer!


    Production Process: dyeing, sizing, wearing brown, pan head, weaving, desizing, high temperature finalizing, etc.


    Application field

    1. Clothing

    2. Retra material

    3. Table cloth

    4. Bedding supplies

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