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Wide Fan Volume Lashes
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    Specifications: Wide Fan Volume Lashes
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    Date: 20-12-2021
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     Wide Fan Volume Lashes

    Premade fans 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 10D 12D 14D 16D 20D

    Thickness(mm): 0.05 0.07 0.10mm

    Length: Mix8-15mm,Same length;

    Curl: C/D

    Sharp Stem C D Curl

    Our wide fans have very small rootless thin bottom, fans are heat bonded so there are no glue. Therefore they connect with natural lash very well and lash connection points are seamless and look very natural on eyes.



    Brand Name:

    QC Lashes

    Product Name:

    Wide fan Volume Lashes


    PBT Fiber


    8mm / 9mm / 10mm / 11mm / 12mm / 13mm / 14mm / 15mm / Mix8-15mm


    C / D


    0.05, 0.07, 0.10mm


    6/10/12 Rows


    1. Long stem Premade volume fans lashes
    2. Short stem Premade volume fans lashes
    3. Pointy base sharp stem Premade volume fans lashes
    4. Large flowering Premade volume fans lashes
    5. Loose Premade volume fans lashes


    Customized Package Accepted


    Free samples


    1. Easily removable from transfer strip
    2. Easily picked from basis
    3. The curl keeps stable and thickness standard
    4. The lash has no residue from the transfer strip
    5. The lash has no kink
    6. The lashes do not stick together after removed from the transfer strip
    7. High quality material.


    FEDEX / DHL / EMS / TNT ,etc


    Paypal / Western Union/ Bank

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    Seller information
    Shijiazhuang QC Lashes Co., Ltd.
    Name Er Zhao Liu
    Telephone: 18630112032
    Location: Shijiazhuang Hebei
    Address: No. 1618, Hongsheng Business Building, Shijiazhuang