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JW-SL720 Automatic Pillow Type Filling and Packing Machine
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    Specifications: JW-SL720 Automatic Pillow Type Filling and Packing Machine
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    Date: 17-10-2022
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    Product details

     JW-SL720 Automatic Pillow Type Filling and Packing Machine

    This back sealing VFFS packing machine is one of the models in the “medium bag machine “series. It is suitable for various material packing more than 100 gram.It is mainly for the packaging of various materials with a bag capacity of more than 100g.It can equipped with a variety of metering feeding structure such as volumetric type ,auger filling type,piston pump type ,drawer type and multi-header weighing type.In terms of bag forming ,there are also diversified packaging forms available: such as pillow bag ,three side bag ,hanging hole bag,triangle bag and etc.


    Advantage & Features

    1. Easy Operation, PLC control, HMI operation system, simple maintenance.

    2. Filling: multi-header filling for solid material; auger filling for powder material; And Pneumatic metering pump filling for sauce and liquid material.

    3. It can be Nitrogen filled packaging such as potato chips packing.

    4. Machine material: SUS304

    5. Saw Teeth cutting &Flat cutting.

    6. Bag Length setting to achieve different size packing.


    Packing Application

    Suitable for packing snack foods like pop corn, shrimp chips and etc; nuts such as peanut, walnuts and etc. Chinese herbal pieces or strips; Hot pot sauce, flavor sauce, seasoning oil and etc.


    Technical Parameters

    Packing Speed

    5-30 bags/minute (depending on filling and bag material )

    Filling capacity


    Pouch length


    Pouch width


    Sealing type

    back sealing

    Sealing steps

    three steps

    Film width


    Max.rolling diameter of film


    Dia of film inner Rolling



    3.5KW, three-phase five line, 50Hz

    Compressed air

    0.4-0.6Mpa, 350NL/Min

    Machine dimensions

    (L)1400mm x(W)1300mm x(H)2100mm(Exclude the hopper)

    Machine weight

    700 kg

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