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Pressure regulating valve
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Date: 12-03-2020
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Product details

 Item Type Reference# Stamping# 

Pressure regulating valve VE pump parts 1 460 362 309 BV44 
Pressure regulating valve VE pump parts 1 460 362 320 BV61 
Pressure regulating valve VE pump parts 1 463 370 326 BV31(3 CYL) 
Pressure regulating valve VE pump parts 146110-0620 BV42 ISUZU 
Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd -We are a Professional manufacturer of Diesel Fuel Injection Parts, Such as Nozzle, Plunger & Barrel, and Delivery Valve and so on. 
Our company has imported a complete set of automatic production lines to do Common Rail Control Valve, we start to sell it now.
The presale price is USD5.00/pc, only for this Ten Thousand pieces, limited availability.
Delivery time is in August, 2016.
Kindly contact Ms. Guo from our export department for more parts details. Thank you .
Tel:+86-594-3603380  Fax:+86-594-3603560 Contact name:Ms Guo
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