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Tamura transformer
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    Brand: Tamura
    Specifications: Tamura transformer
    Type New
    Date: 13-03-2017
    Business type: Retail
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    Product details

    A&S Transformer Co., Ltd supplies all models of Tamura Transformer:


    TAMURA A80L-0028-0013 TRANSFORMER 11.2KVA

    Tamura Transformers PL10-16-130B

    Tamura Telecom modem coupling transformer for wet application TTC-5028

    20 KVA Transformer Tamura Electronics Type T1-1734 230V 460V 480V

    Tamura Miniature Encapsulated Telecommunication v.34 ModemTransformers TTC-50231

    Tamura Linear Power Transformers Low Profile 

    Tamura Linear Power Transformers Laminated Dual primary 

    Tamura Linear Power Transformers Laminated 

    Tamura Telecom Transformers Audio MET-01

    Tamura Telecom Transformers High Speed Modem

    Tamura Custom Switch Mode Transformers EE2219



    A&S Transformer Co., Ltd supplies all models of Tamura Transformer:



    All the Transformer we can provide as follows:

    ABB Transformer, Hammond Transformer, Tamura Transformer, Sola Transformer, Jesen Transformer, Dlta Transformer, Bando Transoformer, Jefferson Electric Transformer, Acme Transformer, Scheider Electric Transformer, GE Transformer, Basler Electric Transformer, Stancor Transformer, Cooper Transformer, Westinghouse Transformer, Omron Transformer, Toshiba Transformer, Dayton Transformer, Honeywell Transformer, Siemens Transformer, Federal Pacific Transformer, Alfa Transformer, Culter Hammer, Sylvania Transformer, Eaton Transformer


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    A&S Transformer Co., Ltd



    Tel: +86-28-65376763 

    Fax: +86-28-86129221

    Add.: No. 469, Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China

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    A & S Transformer Co. , Ltd.
    Name Jessie
    Telephone: +86-28-65376775
    Location: Chengdu Sichuan
    Address: No.469, Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China