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black square pipes in China Dongpengboda
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    Specifications: black square pipes
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    Date: 28-12-2016
    Business type: Manufacturing
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     Product Description

    As a sophisticated steel pipe producer in China, we often conduct the second testing in advance. Before production, choosing and checking the suitable raw material is fundamental to the overall construction project. In terms of checking, do you know the testing aspects it contained? At first, we may check the surface of our products to avoid obvious scratching or rusting. It is well known to us that steel pipe surfaces should be evenly without grease or oil. Smooth surface is benefit to make a tight-fitting components. Secondly, gauging thickness is also involved in the testing process. Thickness must be precise in order to accord with the requirement of you. Besides, zinc layer is also very important for customers. Last but not the least, we can have third party checked our steel pipes according to the request of customers.
    Product Feature
     We have a series of practically complete pipe specifications for your choice. And in view of some special specifications, it is available for any customization. For instance:
    ① Australia: 76 *38; 65*65;
    ②USA: (UL) 17.93, 23.42, 29.54, and etc.
    ③India: 75 *25, 38 *25;
    ④Middle East: 125 *125, 150 *75.
    Following the current diversified consumption trend in the steel market, we always adhere to the dedication to meet the customized needs of different customers from different regions in the world. It is believed that you can always find your desired products here.
    Product Specification/Models
    product range: 12.7*12.7-400*600,WT:0.5mm-16mm
     after many years of hard work, we have formed about 22 steel pipe production lines as well as thousands of moulds, about 1216 sets. With those well-appointed equipments and moulds as well, we can provide customers with different kinds of products matching with diversified customization. Our moulds are designed for specific specifications with high technology. For example, we can make elliptical tube, bread pipe as well as quincunx pipe accessible. Other complicated shape is also available. So if your requirements or projects are special, you can place an order in certain quantities with us without hesitation. Our moulds can control errors in minimum range to tally with your standards. Certainly, our moulds will have an increase in the near future, about 2 years.
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    Tel/Whatsapp: +8613388081802
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