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Live Snails( Helix Pomatia,Helix Aspersa,Helix Lucorum,Giant African Land Snails)
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    Specifications: live escargots
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    Date: 12-01-2017
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    Product details
    Buy Live Snails( Helix Pomatia,Helix Aspersa,Helix Lucorum,Giant African Land Snails)
    We farm top quality garden edible snails ranging for eating and breeding. Our snails our snails are supplied as live juveniles for bulk breedding and farming. Our species range from :
    - Helix Pomatia
    - Helix aspersa Maxima,
    - Helix aspers aspersa Müller,
    - Helix Lucorum
    - Achatina Achatina(GALS)
    Ways to start edible land snails farming:
    - from parent snails - breeding stock,
    - from juveniles - small 10-day-old hatchlings,
    Currently we are running a farm of 2 hectares (1 hectare of outdoor parks with an automatic sprinkler system) plus buildings fully automated for the production of snails (800 square m). 
    We also offer free snail breeding tips and supply world wide. Contact us for our supplier procedures.
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    Walsh Farsm
    Name Theresa Walsh
    Telephone: 3065008528
    Location: dubai dubai
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