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Vacuum frying machine
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    Specifications: HH-900
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    Date: 19-06-2017
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    Product details

    Batch Vacuum Fryer is a low fat chip fryer which is suitable for fruit and vegetable chips vacuum frying process.
    The traditional deep frying is operated under the atmospheric pressure, frying oil temperature is more than 160℃(320℉),some of the disadvantages are obvious.
    Most of the nutritional content of food will be destroyed
    The polymerization reaction happen due to fat works as high temperature and reuse, it will produce carcinogens.
    Final frying food has relatively much fat, this is harmful to health.
    Limitation to suitable for processing starch or high starch content materials
    Batch Vacuum frying has more advantages:
    Reduce oil content in the fried product,
    Preserve natural color and flavors of the product due to the low temperature and oxygen content during the process, 
    Have less adverse effects on oil quality;
    Produce chips with no acrylamide content.

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    Zhucheng Honest Industry & Trade
    Name cnhonest
    Telephone: +86-536-2161887
    Location: shandong zhucheng
    Address: No.76 Dongwu Street