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Eaton Vickers Hydraulic Valve
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    Brand: Eaton Vickers
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    Date: 26-04-2023
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    Product details

     A&S Hydraulic Co.,Ltd is a global supplier of Eaton Hydraulic Valves.

    1) Eaton Vickers Industrial Valve
    Eaton Vickers AxisPro Proportional Valve: KBS, KBH
    Eaton Vickers Servo Valve: SM4, SX4
    Eaton Vickers Directional Control Valve:
    DG4V3, DG4V3S, DG4V3M65, DG4S4, DG4V4, DG4V5, DG4V5M21, DG5S4, DG5S4-04, DG5V5, DG5V7, DG5V8, DG5V10
    Eaton Vickers Check Valve:
    Eaton Vickers Pressure Control
    Eaton Vickers SystemStak
    Eaton Vickers Proportional Flow Valve
    Eaton Vickers Flow Control
    Eaton Vickers Flange Valve
    Eaton Vickers Proportional Pressure Valve 
    Eaton Vickers Slip-in Cartridge Valve
    2) Eaton Vickers Mobile Valve
    CMA 90, CMA 200, CM80 & CM120
    Eaton Vickers Monoblock Valve
    CML, CMX100 & CMX160, MDG
    Eaton Vickers Self Leveling Valve
    Eaton CLS Load Sense Sectional Mobile Valve
    Eaton Vickers Flow Control Valve
    3) Eaton Vickers Screw-In Cartridge Valve
    Eaton Vickers Check Valve: FPR, 3CA, CV, SPC2, 4CK, 4SK, 4KD, DPC2, 5CK, 1SH, DSV
    Eaton Vickers Circuit Maker Solution: FC, FRC, PCC1, PFRR, SRV, CRV, RLV, SCR, 1UL
    Eaton Vickers Directional Controls
    Eaton Vickers Flow Controls: FR, 2CFRC, FAR1, PFR, PFRD
    Eaton Vickers Logic Elements
    Eaton Vickers Motion Control Valve: OCV, 1CE, 1SE, 1CP
    Eaton Vickers Pressure Control Valve
    Eaton Vickers Proportional Valve: PFR, EPV, ESV, EFV, PDR, IRV, ERV, PPD, EPRV
    Eaton Vickers Solenoid Valve: SV, SBV, S
    All the hydraulic Valves A&S can supply:
    Parker Hydraulic Valve, Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic Valve, Vickers Hydraulic Valve, Nachi Hydraulic Valve, Yuken Hydraulic Valve, ATOS Hydraulic Valve, Eaton Hydraulic Valve, Daikin Hydraulic Valve, Tokyo-Keiki / Tokimec Hydraulic Valve, LCH Hydraulic Valve, Sauer Danfoss Hydraulic Valve, Kawasaki Hydraulic Valve, Aron Hydraulic Valve, Moog Hydraulic Valve, Hawe Hydraulic Valve, Wandfluh Hydraulic Valve, Northman Hydraulic Valve, REXPOWER Hydraulic Valve, DUPLOMATIC Hydraulic Valve, Kingst Hydraulic Valve, INTEVA Hydraulic Valve, SUN Hydraulic Valve, ASHUN Hydraulic Valve, OMAX Hydraulic Valve, Kairui Hydraulic Valve, Racine Hydraulic Valve, Argo Hytos Hydraulic Valve, Kubota Hydraulic Valve, Husco Hydraulic Valve, Herion Hydraulic Valve, Walvoil Hydraulic Valve, Dynex Hydraulic Valve, Giuliani Anello Hydraulic Valve, OLEOWEB Hydraulic Valve, AMAC Hydraulic Valve, WILLSON Hydraulic Valve, etc.
    Besides, A&S can also offer OEM and customized hydraulic Valves.
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    A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd
    Cell/Whatsapp: +86-18398982650
    Tel: +86-28-65376553 
    Fax: +86-28-86129221
    Skype: sandra_yan86
    Add.: 469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China
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    Seller information
    A&S Hydraulic Co., Ltd
    Name Sandra Yan
    Telephone: +86-28-65238360
    Fax: +86-28-86129221
    Location: Chengdu Sichuan
    Address: 469 Xinsheng Road, Gaoxin District, Chengdu, China