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    Brand: HL Steel Structure
    Specifications: Venetian blinds have following functions: heat preservation,
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    Date: 01-02-2018
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

    Venetian blinds have following functions: heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, sunshading, natural lighting, ventilation, privacy, anti-UV, anti-burglary, fire-fighting and smoke evacuation and so on.

    1, heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation: with the complete closing of the blades, blinds can effectively keep the bad weather off; it can also keep the heat out and effectively reduce the noise by more than 30 dB.

    2, sunshading, natural lighting, ventilation: the refractive stripe on the blade surface can refract the sunlight; adjustable opening angle can meet the people’s changing requirements for the lighting and ventilation in different seasons. 90 degrees of opening angle can realize maximum ventilation.

    3, privacy: blades with opening angle of 10 ~ 25 degrees can effectively prevent outdoor peeps.

    4, anti-burglary: a special structural design has anti-burglary effect.

    5, fire-fighting and smoke evacuation: equipped with electronic control system, blinds will realize fire linkage and smoke exhaust.

    Venetian blinds help to shade and prevent heat in summer, while to preserve heat and keep weather off in winter, it has shading, energy saving, environmental protection effects.

    Blinds can be opened in either manual control or electric control, diversified open modes are available to meet customer demands.

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    HL steel structure co., ltd.
    Name nancy
    Telephone: 86-24-85718940
    Location: shenyang liaoning
    Address: tiexie,shenyang