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diesel injection pump parts - diesel nozzle
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    Specifications: injector
    Type New
    Date: 15-07-2017
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    John Alen
    China Lutong Parts Plant
    Mob: 0086 - 13559816966
    105000-0010 DN4S1 KOMATSU 2D94
    105000-0020 DN4S2 M.BISHIHI.NAG YANMAR6RAL
    105000-0081 DN0SD211ND1    
    105000-0090 DN8S3    
    105000-0140 DN30S2    
    105000-0210 DN8S2    
    105000-0260 DN15S156 KUBOTA  
    105000-0490 DN4S1 KOMATSU 2D94
    105000-1010 DN0SD21 MAZDA/NISSAN/ISUZU ED33/DG/LEK752C/S723
    105000-1030 DNOSD126 MAZDA  
    105000-1090 DN0SD212 ISUZU/HINO DM100/DQ100
    105000-1130 DN4SD24 HINO Isuzu DM100/2D/4DR/4DR50A
    105000-1220 DN12SD12   4DR50A/K713/LE802
    105000-1310 DN4SD24NP1 HINO/KOMATSU PC120/4D120/4SPEND
    105000-1370 DN4SD24NP2 HINO/KOMATSU PC120/NP2/4SPEND
    105000-1550 DN15SDNK1 KUBOTA E650/ER150/ET115/ET85
    105000-1600 DN12SD12 KUBOTA/ISHIKAWAJIMAS CA/D1102/D1301C
    105000-1650 DN0SD2110 ISUZU/ISEKI/TOYO-SHA 4BA1TLD/4D30/C240
    105000-1740 DN0SD193 ISUZU/NISSAN DIESEL 4FB1/4BA1
    105000-1760 DN0SD176 NISSAN DIESEL/NISSAN  
    105000-1770 DN0SDN177 ISEKI/KOMATSU/ISUZU 4FB1
    105000-1871 DN0SDN187 NISSAN DIESEL/ISUZU  
    105000-1890 DN12SD189 ISUZU/NISSAN DIESEL 4FC1
    105000-1930 DN4SDND90    
    105000-1940 DN4SD24ND80   2B/2H/3B/B/H/2J/L/E75C
    105000-1950 DN4SDND62   4DR51A/4DR-5A/4D30A
    105000-2150 DN4SDND133   2L/2L-T/1W
    105000-2170 DN4SDND146   S723/CL10
    105000-2200 DN0SD220 NISSAN/NISSAN DIESEL  
    105000-2280 DN0SDN228 ISUZU  
    105007-1000 DN15PDN100 MITSUBISHI 4D55
    105007-1020 DN0PDN102 ISUZU/MAZDA 4EC1/PN
    105007-1040 DN0PDN104 MITSUBISHI 4D56/4D65
    105007-1080 DN0PDN108 ISUZU EXPORT
    105007-1090 DN0PDN109 NISSAN DIESEL TD23
    105007-1110 DN15PDN111 MITSUBISHI 4D65
    105007-1120 DN0PDN112 MITSUBISHI/ISEKIISUZU 4D56
    105007-1130 DN0PDN113 NISSAN /NISSAN-D SD23/SD25/TD23
    105007-1140 DN0PDN114 ISEKI E383-A
    105007-1170 DN0PDN117   ES100
    105007-1180 DN4PD1   1C/1C-L/2C/2C-L/E643
    105007-1190 DN0PD4   1C-CL/2C-TLC/2C-T
    105007-1223 DN0PDN122 ISUZU 4EEITC
    105007-1240 DN0PDN124 ISUZU/EXPORT  
    105007-1260 DN4PD57 TOYOTA 2L
    105007-1271 DN0PDN127 ISUZU/EXPORT  
    105007-1290 DN10PDN129 MITSUBISHI 4D56
    105007-1300 DN10PDN130 MITSUBISHI 4D56
    105007-1310 DN0PDN131 ISUZU 4JG2
    105007-1360 DN0PDN136 ISUZU  
    105780-0060 DN0SD1510 NISSAN  
    D NO StampingNo Vehicle Model Engine
    093400-0010 DN4SD24 HINO Isuzu DM100/2D/4DR/4DR50A
    093400-0060 DN0SD21 MAZDA/NISSAN/ISUZU ED33/DG/LEK752C/S723
    093400-0081 DN0SD211 DIESEL/KOMATSU/ 4BA1TLD/ED30
    093400-0090 DN40SDND32   4DR50A/4DQ50C/4DR5
    093400-0100 DN12SD12   4DR50A/K713/LE802
    093400-0111 DN4SD24NP1 HINO/KOMATSU PC120/4D120/4SPEND
    093400-0120 DN15S156 KUBOTA  
    093400-0200 DN4S1 KOMATSU 2D94
    093400-0250 DN0SD212 Same type of products More...
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    Seller information
    China Lutong Parts Plant Co., Ltd.
    Name John Alen
    Telephone: 00865943605653
    Fax: 00865943605652
    Location: Putian Fujian
    Address: Dufeng industrial zone, Hanjian district