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Power destroy tools
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    Product details

    This set emergency lockpicking tools are specially made with imported high quality steel.

    We provide 10 pieces of stainless steel key blades, in different types and shapes, will suit for most of the car lockers.
    Before using the tools, we need to understand the principle of the tools. Put the suitable key blade into the lock, and then a special wrench put on the rotating cylinder to unlock powerful purpose. This method does not turn the lock cylinder to cut the beads, but beads in strong force under the rotating retracts (homing). Some also rotates the cylinder lock has been transferred out of turn or lock, so as to unlock. Note the intensity when the lock, and some good lock structure of density is also a very strong pull fixed, take a left back and forth pulled to open.
    So you can flip back and forth slowly to lock heart lock beads larger the gap structure of variation. Pause and then pulled hard flip, that is, left - right --- swing, flip - stop - plug - pull - pull, so that even the best lock repeatedly flip will also be opened. There are locks to be first into the steel point or exit one o'clock Repeat for the job of the stomach does not have any tools to unlock 100%, a good tool with good unlocking method was equal to the true universal
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