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printed circuit board recycling equipment
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    Date: 19-08-2011
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    Printed circuit board recycling equipment Utility model patent certificate of granular electric conductors and non-conductors separation device: Patent No.: ZL200720089238.1
    Utility model patent certificate of printed circuit board recycling wind pressure separator: Patent No.: ZL200720089239.6 
    A kind of printed circuit board disassembling device: Patent No.: ZL200720093090.9
    A kind of printed circuit board pulverizer: Patent No.: ZL200720093087.7
    Circuit board recycling equipment(wind-separated type) is applicable to recycle various waste printed circuit boards, PCB boards, FPC boards (those contain electronic elements shall be disassembled first). Operating principle: the mixture of metal and non-metal materials gained from crushing-pulverizing-classifying raw materials of printed circuit boards is fed into the material hopper of air separator, then into the separating zone of the separator. Since the separator is connected with a dust removal system, a horizontal air current is formed which moves the materials in horizontal direction. Meanwhile, with the action of the gravity, the materials move downward. Due to the different specific gravity of materials, non-metal materials such as fine dust and grains which bear smaller gravity are taken away by the dust removal system when the mixture passes the separating plate, leaving the metal materials with larger gravity into finished product recovery zone. Thus the separation of metal from non-metal materials is achieved.
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    henan sanxing machinery company limited
    Name rong jianyou
    Telephone: 0371-67842730
    Fax: 0371-67842730
    Location: zhengzhou henan
    Address: west gang industrial park of zhengshang road