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    Specifications: 2.7 inches
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    Date: 10-04-2019
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     Our cartoon pug custom stickers are a pug with a top hat and bow tie. Pug, native to China, pug is a thoughtful, cute, small breed of dog. Pug is charming, popular with many people and also very elegant. Pugs have a lot of wrinkles, and when you look at the way they walk it's kind of like a boxer, and they communicate by purring and snorting. Pugs don't need exercise or regular grooming, but they do need company. Except those things, the pug loves cleanliness very much, and all these features become the reason for its popularity.

    Dogs need accessories just like people do, so our cartoon pug custom stickers are for pugs. You can put stickers on your dog's dinner bowl or in his sleep area to create a cozy environment for your dog. can offer you custom stickers no minimum and you can buy some stickers for your dog!

    Size: 2.7"

    Style: die cut stickers

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    GS-JJ custom stickers
    Name custom stickers no minimum
    Telephone: 18888644755
    Location: walnut CA
    Address: 20829 Valley Blvd.