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Glass Kettles
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    Specifications: 520c
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    Date: 15-06-2019
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    Product details

    Pyrex Glass is glass used in ovens with pyrolitic function .This characteristics

    of this glass is that it is more resistant thermal shocks in comparison with normal
    glasses .At the moment borosilicate glass is used as pyrolitic glass .
    Borosilicate glass is a type of glass of which the main ingredients for the
    formation of glass are silica and boron axide.
    Dihua ‘s glass is a borosilicate glass type 3.3 as specified in international standard ISO 3585,whose chemical resistance of glass is more extensive than that of all other known 
    materials.Borosilicate glass is highly resistant to water,acids,salt solutions,organic substances and also halogens such as chlorince and bromine.It also has relatively good 
    resistance to alkaline solutions.Only hydrofluoric acid,concentrated phosphoric acid and strong alkaline solutions cause appreciable surface removal of the glass at higher 
    temperature.This kind of glass is manufactured from natural raw materials(sand,calcium carbonate and sodium carbonate) and doesn’t contain any materials which could be released and 
    constitute a hazard to man or the environment .Glass can be reused several times and disposed of without difficulties.
    Silicon content
    >80 %
    Strain temperature
    520 ℃
    Annealing temperature
    560 ℃
    Softening temperature
    820 ℃
    Refractive index
    Light transmittance (2mm)
    92 %
    Elastic Modulus
    76KNmm - 2
    Tensile strength
    40- 120Nmm - 2
    Glass Stress Optical Constants
    3.8 * 10-6mm 2 /No
    Processing temperature ( 104dpas )
    1220 ℃
    Linear expansion coefficient( 20-300 ℃)
    3.3 * 10-6 K - 1
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    Dihua Decoration Co Ltd
    Name di hua
    Telephone: 8657164141428
    Location: jiande zhejiang
    Address: 237 Yanling Road,Meicheng Town,Jiande City,Zhejiang Province, China
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