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leather goods manufacturer
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Brand: MS
Specifications: 100ml
Type New
Date: 30-07-2019
Business type: Manufacturing
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Quantity: Piece(s)( Stock 1000000 Piece(s))

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Product details

 China MS Wallet Company,  leather wallet manufacturer

We manufacturer leather wallet, leather purse, menu cover, menu folder, keychain holder, passport holder, leather card holder, men wallet, women wallet, leather comestic bag, leather money clip etc. custom wallet manufacturers

How to distinguish leather custom polyester and nylon lining?
Polyester lining: Polyester chemical name is polyester fiber, its excellent performance and low price are widely used in lining; the high elasticity of polyester lining is its biggest feature, all the fibers commonly used in leather custom The first in the middle row, polyester lining will not easily wrinkle, with good stiffness, stability and shape retention;
The abrasion resistance of polyester lining is inferior to that of nylon lining. Because of the other lining used for leather customization, it is resistant to abrasion. Polyester fabric is easy to dry after washing, but the air permeability is not good. The clothing of polyester lining will be stuffy. The feeling of uncomfortable, polyester lining has a disadvantage that it is easy to generate static electricity, easy to occupy ash, hair ball, but polyester fiber has super anti-microbial ability, will not be infected by insects, not easy to mold and rot, easier storage.
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