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Professional Telescoping Inspection Mirror
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    Specifications: Professional Telescoping Inspection Mirror
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    Date: 20-09-2019
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    Product details


    Item No. : 1102V

    Building your taste on quality.

    Ideal for automotive, off- road equipment, aviation and industrial inspection application.


    Round Inspection Mirror, Rectangular Inspection Mirror

    Swivel Head Telescopic Inspection Mirror, Professional Extended Telescope

    Stainless Steel Mirror Frame, Double Ball Joint

    Patented Round Mirrors: 24, 30, 40, 50, 60 mm, magnifications 24 3x, 55 5x mm, stainless steel 80, 100 mm

    Patented Rectangular Mirrors: 65 x 43 mm, oval 50 x 25 mm, stainless steel 65 x 43, 90 x 58 mm



    Remarkably clear mirrors for a great reflection come in a variety of mirror sizes

    The mirrors can be turned 360 degrees for viewing convenience

    It comes with a comfortable and easy-to-use handle

    The mirror frame is made of stainless steel for corrosion resistant

    The professional telescoping design holds firmly with large size mirrors in the desired position you want to reach

    It’s a convenient tool in the garage or the workshop

    It’s much easier to see the damage which is behind the machinery

    Use of inspecting for hidden areas, finding missing parts beneath engine block or checking for oil leaks under the car.

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