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Stainless Steel Round Magnetic Tray 150 mm
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    Specifications: Stainless Steel Round Magnetic Tray 150 mm
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    Date: 20-09-2019
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    Product details


    Item No. : 1341

    Ideal for garage, engine, household work, etc.

    One Heavy Duty Powerful Permanent Magnet

    Stainless Steel Magnetic Parts Tray

    Covered with Protective Rubber Foot


    Features :

    Tough stainless steel tray to resist corrosion

    Powerful permanent magnet covered with protective rubber foot prevents damage to valuable surfaces

    Use in any position even upside down and keeps parts & tools right where you need them

    It can retain any small nuts, bolts and any iron / steel parts


    Specification :

    Description                   Specification

    Round Tray                   150 mm / 6"

    Powerful Permanent Magnet one heavy duty

    Gauss                        1000 - 1200

    Magnet PAD                 rubber

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