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Copper Wire,Mill-berry and cathode 99.99%
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  • Price: $ 3,000.00 Piece(s) / each
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    Freight fee: Ordinary delivery: Express: EMS: yes
    Brand: Copper Scrap
    Specifications: 99.99%
    Type Used
    Date: 12-02-2020
    Business type: Large Wholesale
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    Product details

     We supply the following types of scrap products:

    Aluminum telic scrap
    Aluminum UBC scrap
    aluminum scrap 6063
    Aluminum wheel Scrap
    Aluminum wire scrap
    Aluminum tense scrap
    taint tabor aluminum scrap
    Aluminum sheet scrap
    Aluminum scrap
    Aluminum Ingot 99.7%,Pure aluminum Ingots 99.7%,Aluminum Ingots
    99.9%,Primary aluminum Ingots 99.7%
    Copper wire scrap 99.99%
    Copper scrap 99.99%
    Copper millberry scrap 99.99%
    Copper cathode 99.99%
    Cast iron scrap
    Hms scrap,hms1&2 scrap
    Metal scrap
    ceramic cpu scrap
    computer motherboard scrap
    Fridge compressor scrap
    Ac compressor scrap
    Drained lead battery scrap
    Lead scrap
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    Seller information
    PK & G industries Limited
    Name Kumar
    Telephone: +91-8259966459
    Fax: +91-8259966459
    Location: taminaldu madurai
    Address: 3554bA45 Building