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Cotton Lycra Stretch Denim custom blue Denim Fabric company denim upholstery fabric manufacturer
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    Date: 10-07-2020
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    Product details

     Cotton Lycra Stretch Denim  custom blue Denim Fabric company  denim upholstery fabric manufacturer


    custom stretch denim fabric Description


    Article No.



    98% Cotton 2% Spandex/Lycra


    Sulfur black


    11.2oz before wash / 13.1oz after washed

    Full Width



    3/1 Z Twill


    2-4% / 12-14%


    Siro yarn dyed in sulfur black + slub


    Core spun yarn + slub


    Comfort stretch, Crosshatch slubs


    Stretch Denim Fabric Definition

    Lycra: Dupont’s trademark for spandex fibre. Used in many types of garments and items, Lycra is the world’s most recognized brand of spandex. In fact, the term Lycra is often used interchangeably with spandex even though it is essentially a brand name.


    Crosshatch: Crosshatch denim is denim that has been woven using uneven, or slub, yarn for both the warp and weft threads. It is a more rare type of denim and develops a unique crisscrossed pattern as it fades.


    Skyline Textile Denim Fabric Four Point System


    Defects Size

    Penalty Points

    Defect ≤ 3cm


    3cm < Defect ≤ 6cm 


    6cm < Defect ≤ 9cm 


    Defect > 9cm


    *Total defect points per 100 square yards of cloth are computed and therefore, the acceptance criteria are usually no more than 40 penalty points. Fabric rolls containing over 40 points are considered seconds.


    If you have any question on custom denim fabric made in China. We will give the professional answers to your short questions.

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