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Screw Feeding Weighing Packing Machine with 14 Heads Sticky Food Multihead Weigher
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    Specifications: Screw Feeding Weighing Packing Machine with 14 Heads Sticky
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    Date: 25-06-2021
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    Product details

      Screw Feeding Weighing Packing Machine with 14 Heads Sticky Food Multihead Weigher


    Two layers screw feeding weigher is suitable for weighing mustard, pickles, small fish etc., which with poor flowability.

    Kenwei Sticky Product Multihead Weigher Features

    1. Special load cell with high precision and high standard.

    2. Module electric board, and with intelligent multiple sampling stable mode, make weighing higher accurate.

    3. Intelligent fault alarm, convenient for maintenance.

    4. High speed staggered discharging function, effectively prevent blocking materials.

    5. New highly integrated modular design, using CAN bus technology.

    6. Modbus industrial standard communication protocol realizes the China wholesale multihead weigher and packaging machine interface.

    14 heads screw feeding weigher Mechanical Character

    1. Two layers screw feeding scheme can control materials more precisely and is suitable for various viscous materials.

    2. IP65 waterproof case is adopted, small dimple plate material is adopted for contact materials, and 60 degree feeding chute is used to make materials fall smoothly.

    3. The scraper hopper can effectively solve the problem of material sticking on the hopper.

    4. Double point material inspection is more accurate and effective to ontrol the thickness.

    14 heads high speed multihead weigher Technical Specification



    Identify Code


    Weighing Range




    Max Speed


    Hopper Volume


    Control Panel

    10.1”Touch Screen


    Timing Hopper/Printer/Reject Device

    Driving System

    Step Motor

    Power Requirement


    Packing Dimension(mm)


    Gross Weight


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