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Multi-Function Vertical Weighing and Packing System with Automatic VFFS Machine
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    Specifications: Multi-Function Vertical Weighing and Packing System with Aut
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    Date: 25-06-2021
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    Product details


    JW-B1 Standard vertical weighing and packaging system is suitable for weighing granule, slice, roll or irregular shape products such as candy, seed, jelly, fries, coffee granule, peanut, puffy food, biscuit, chocolate, nut, pet food, frozen feeds, etc, It is also suitable for weighing small hardware and plastic components.

    Kenwei computer automatic packing machine Features

    1.Fully automatic finishing whole process of feeding, weighing, filling bag, date printing,finished product output.

    2. High accuracy and high speed.

    3. Applicable to a wide range of materials.

    4.Applicable to the customer who without special requirements of packaging and material is widely used.

    Standard vertical weighing and packaging system Characteristic

    1. Packaging machine is not expensive and economic,complete range of packaging machines and auxiliary equipment, which are adaptable to a wide range of materials, space saving.For all kinds of film thickness (0.03-0.15) composite film, single PE film, paper Membrane packaging can be applied.

    2. Fully automatic finishing whole process of feeding, weighing, filling bag, date printing,output.

    3. High accuracy and high speed.

    4. auto weighing packing machine wholesale Applicable to a wide range of materials.

    Bag Type

    Pillow bags, gusseted bags, hanging bags, four sides sealed bag, three sides sealed bag.

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