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Hunchback Posture Corrector Y21
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    Specifications: Hunchback Posture Corrector Y21
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    Date: 22-09-2021
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    Product details

     Poor posture may harm your health. If you play games or work in front of the screen, you are likely to suffer from laziness and bad posture. The Hunchback Corrector has been proven to be correct for bad postures by gently changing the position of your back.

    Hunchback Corrector forces you to walk correctly. By training your muscles and spine to restore natural alignment, it effectively corrects the problem of incorrect back posture of adults and helps them develop better bone development.

    Besttone DESIGN FEATURE:

    Anti-slip buckle design. Prevent the pull belt slip out in the process of wearing, more easy to wear.

    The important feature is: "8"-shaped pull design. "8" shaped type band, good fixation effect, not easy to shift disperse the back pressure.


    Open shoulders and straight back to correct hunchback. Extend the cross straps and apply force to back from the shoulder and armpits, More effectively open shoulders, straight chest and back.

    Posture correction. Correct back posture and body shape, scientifically cultivate body muscle memory, so that create correct standing, sitting and walking posture.

    Relieve back, waist pain. Wearing this back belt is ideal for aching back pain and slouching shoulders.


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    Hebei Besttone Fashion Co.,Ltd
    Name tracy Yue
    Telephone: 13503299690
    Location: Shijiazhuang Hebei
    Address: Success Commercial Building, No22 Shiqing Road, Xinhua District