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     China MS Hats& Caps Company,  cap manufacturer

    we manufacture dad hat, mens winter hats, embroidered hats, fitted hats, ladies hats, flexfit hats, military hat, sun hat,  visor hats, golf hats, baseball hats, mesh hats, snapback, strapback, bucket hats, trucker hats etc. hat manufacturers
    At present, the most common sweat band(cap band) material in the domestic market is the quality of warp yarn rayon and weft yarn. Domestic factories also produce polyester low elastic wire, polyester filament, whole cotton cap products.
    Sweat band(cap band) category: regular 6 sweat band(cap band), custom 5 sweat band(cap band), 12 thick sweat band(cap band), jump sweat band(cap band), hollow sweat band(cap band), intercolor sweat band(cap band), Large ear sweat band(cap band) and so on.
    The function of the sweat belt is to perspire or absorb sweat for the user wearing the hat. There are many choices for the sweat belt. Different materials have different thicknesses. The sweat bands used in the hat of the stick hat industry are all made of cotton and are filled with pure cotton sponges. To ensure the speed and durability of sweat absorption, the industry's so-called 4-wire full perspiration belt or pig sausage perspiration belt is the highest grade of sweat belt, of course, the cost of this practice is also much more expensive than ordinary perspiration belt, stick hat industry hats made to order and sponge with pure cotton inside
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