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custom 5 panel hat manufacturer wholesale cap suppliers
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Date: 27-05-2019
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Product details

 China MS Hats& Caps Company,  cap manufacturer

we manufacture dad hat, mens winter hats, embroidered hats, fitted hats, ladies hats, flexfit hats, military hat, sun hat,  visor hats, golf hats, baseball hats, mesh hats, snapback, strapback, bucket hats, trucker hats etc. hat manufacturers
In the 18th century, the royal relatives and relatives, in addition to their love of hats, advocated hair editing and wigs. It was said that professional hair editors at that time would build hair ladders based on the needs of employers and then edit along the bamboo ladders. After editing, design the appropriate hat and decoration on it. At that time, all kinds of things, such as flowers, bird specimens, fruit baskets, etc., could be decorated on the cornice that could not be wider. It seemed that everything in the world could be piled up. Loose and colorful and easy to shape feathers became the best choice for hat decoration in that era. Feathers of various textures are made into hats of various shapes, and it is the feeling of gorgeous hair.


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