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5 panel hat manufacturer custom hats uk
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Date: 27-05-2019
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Product details

 China MS Hats& Caps Company,  cap manufacturer

we manufacture dad hat, mens winter hats, embroidered hats, fitted hats, ladies hats, flexfit hats, military hat, sun hat,  visor hats, golf hats, baseball hats, mesh hats, snapback, strapback, bucket hats, trucker hats etc. hat manufacturers
If a hat is a symbol of power and status in ancient China, it is a symbol of identity in Europe where hats have always been popular. In ancient Rome, hats were a symbol of free and legal citizens. Slaves could only cover their heads with cloth towels to keep warm and protect them from the sun. By the Middle Ages, the Holy See had issued decrees to cover people's hair, and many simple caps began to appear. By the 17th century, hats had more obvious identity symbols: citizens wearing dark hats, yellow hats representing bankrupt people, prisoners wearing paper hats, King Daijin crown, and so on. At the same time, people began to worship the height of the top of the head.
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