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ZJ Slurry Pump
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    Specifications: ZJ Slurry Pump
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    Date: 09-08-2022
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    Product details

     ZJ Slurry Pump

    Features and uses of Slurry Pump, ZJ Slurry Pump


    1. The ZJ series slurry pump is a single-stage, single-suction, horizontal, cantilever, and centrifugal slurry pump.They are all vertical split type, and the outlet direction can be rotated and installed at an interval of 45° at eight angles;


    2. Double pump casing structure, that is, the front and rear pump bodies are equipped with replaceable wear-resistant metal linings (including pump casings, Throat bush, etc.); The outer layer is a metal pump casing (cover plate, frame plate), and its material is usually HT200 or QT500-7. The inner casing can be made of high chromium alloy cast iron (including volute, Throatbush, FPL insert and impeller) , Or made of rubber(Including cover plate liner,frame plate liner and impeller etc).


    3. The front and rear cover plates of the impeller are equipped with auxiliary blades to reduce leakage, balance the axial force, and improve the service life and operational reliability of the pump.


    4. Rotor support form: double fulcrum, cantilever beam, the fixed point is arranged near the motor; the pump shaft has large diameter, good rigidity, and short cantilever, which will not bend and vibrate under harsh working conditions;


    5. The shaft seal adopts two forms: mechanical seal, Dynamic seal + soft packing seal,with good sealing performance;


    6. The bracket components are all dilute lubrication, and the bearings are directly installed in the horizontally opened bracket, which is convenient for disassembly, inspection and adjustment;


    7. The impeller and the shaft adopt fine-tooth trapezoidal thread to connect,, which not only facilitates the transmission of greater torque and alternating loads, but also facilitates the disassembly of the impeller.


    8. This series of pumps are used in aluminum industry, mining, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, electric power, waterway, port, building materials, water conservancy and municipal engineering and other occasions. It is used to transport highly abrasive slag slurry medium. The maximum slurry weight concentration Cw of the solid-liquid mixture allowed to be transported is: ash (slag) slurry and coal slurry 45%; ore slurry and heavy medium 60%, the maximum conveying particle diameter Up to 60mm.


    9. The Wet parts are made of self-developed high-chromium wear-resistant alloy cast iron, and its material has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance, thereby increasing its life.In addition, this series of pumps uses dynamic pressure reduction to ensure that the slurry is not easy to leak and the specifications are complete.


    It can adopt direct connection, belt, hydraulic, frequency conversion speed control and other transmission forms, and can also be connected in series or parallel according to user needs.

    After the inspection by the National Industrial Pump Quality Inspection Center and the appraisal of hydraulic experts, it is agreed that the overall performance of this series of pumps is at the leading domestic level, and most of the pumps' efficiency indicators reach the international level. Because of its superior performance, this series of pumps has been awarded many honorary titles by the national electric power, metallurgy, and coal industries.


    The performance parameters are as follows:


    Flow rate: 4.5m³/h~4000 m³/h,

    Head: H=6m~134m,

    Speed: n=590?2950r/min,

    Operating temperature: T ≤ 100 ?


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