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High UV Resistance Radi-cool Car Half Covers
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    Specifications: Radi-cool
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    Date: 24-11-2022
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Cooling: Efficient radiative cooling, insulating solar energy.

    Environmental protection: No additional energy consumption.

    Reflection: Reflection, blocking sunlight.

    Self-Cleaning: Hydrophobic, oleophoic, antifouling, and easy-cleaning.

    Water resistance: The surface has Lotus Leaf Effect, and the fabric is impervious to water

    Dust resistance, easy-cleaning: Water-repellent and do not attract dust.

    Durability: High anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging.

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    Seller information
    Zhejiang Mingfeng Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Name mingfeng
    Telephone: +86-576-8398-7819
    Location: taizhou zhejiang
    Address: No. 7, Badu Road, Chicheng Street, Tiantai County