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Spring balancer quality assurance
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    Brand: FINER
    Specifications: Spring balancer quality assurance
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    Date: 28-02-2019
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    Product details

     Our tool balancer has a variety of capacity, the smallest capacity of load balancer is one kilogram, the heaviest capacity of Retractor can reach 400 kilograms, the stroke is 1.5 meters, and can reach 2.0 meters.

    There are two kinds of spring balancer. One is called spring tools balancer,the other is called light spring balancer.

    The following text will introduce the differences and features of these two kinds of power master.

    The zero gravity tools balancer is round in shape.The spring balancer is wound with a lot of spring threads behind it, and the force of the spring can pull up the object.

    The light capacity spring balancer is flat, and the spring line is hidden in the spring balancer, using the same principle as the load balancer.

    We have rich experience in producing spring balancer,zero gravity tools balancer quality assurance.

    More information please kindly feel free contact us. professionally service hope will get your satisfaction. Regarding Zero gravity tools balancer price and more information, please kindly feel free contact us. professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.

    Shan Dong Finer Lifting Tools co.,LTD  

    Skype: faithjiang888


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