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Liquid Pad Printing Silicone Rubber Material
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    Brand: Hongye Silicone
    Specifications: Environmental protection
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    Date: 15-03-2019
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     Applications of liquid pad printing silicone rubber

    Pad printing silicone rubber is mainly use for printing irregular patterns of plastic toys, electroplating toys and trade makers . Pad printing silicone rubber as a carrier which transfer patterns on the steel plate to the toys products surface.
    Features of liquid pad printing silicone rubber
    a. resistance to deformation, high-temperature
    b. high printing times
    c. good aging resistance
    d. exceptional elasticity
    e. great printing effect
     Operation Instructions of liquid pad printing silicone rubber 
    Pad printing silicone rubber is two-component silicone, part A is liquid silicon rubber, part B is catalyst. The usual mixture of silicone rubber and catalyst is 100: 2 or 100: 3. E.g. we take 100g of liquid silicon rubber and 2g-3g catalyst, mix them and pour it to your mold. A fter 2-4 hours, you will get a Pad printing silicone rubber.
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    Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Technology Co., Ltd
    Name Amanda Yao
    Telephone: +8618938867547
    Location: Shenzhen Guangdong
    Address: Building A, No.3, Hongling First Road, Liulian Shibi, Pingdi Street, Longgang