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steel plate sizes steel sheets for sale
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Date: 27-05-2019
Business type: Manufacturing
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Product details

 China MS Nameplates Co.   metal tag maker

We are the manufacturer of nameplates, metal tags, metal name plates, metal labels, metal stickers, metal decals, nickel label, metal wine label, etc. 
Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, Nickel, Tin, etc..  name plate maker
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In terms of manufacturing technology, the production of aluminium plate is much simpler and more convenient than that of stainless steel plate. Aluminum and cryolite can be produced by electrolysis. Compared with stainless steel, the density of aluminium is much smaller, so the weight of aluminium plate is lighter than that of stainless steel plate. The chemical structure of aluminium material is not stable and its anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation ability is weak. Because of its low chemical structure density and light weight, the aluminium sign is easy to deform in use.
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