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Date: 27-05-2019
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Product details

 China MS Nameplates Co.   custom metal tags

We are the manufacturer of nameplates, metal tags, metal name plates, metal labels, metal stickers, metal decals, nickel label, metal wine label, etc. 
Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Zinc, Nickel, Tin, etc.. metal wine label manufacturers
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the visual design of signs; in the design of metal signs, not only beautiful but also reflect the information conveyed to people by enterprise products, so that people can see the logo of this trademark and think of the enterprise, what kind of products are suitable for what style, what kind of material, so that people can remember more easily; for example: Household appliances, electronic digital products, most of the choice of gold or silver logo, material selection: stainless steel or nickel material! In the design of metal sign, it should be in line with the general way of the market; Jintaitong Hardware Sign Factory, with rich experience in making metal sign, will give some creative suggestions according to the needs of customers'products in the production and design of the sign, and make the sign that customers are satisfied with.
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