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» Remote Controller Remote Master for wireless RF remote controller $168    25-07-2011
It's suitable for key&lock shop, locksmith, and car service shop!
» CX007 Multifunction Laser Detective $58    25-07-2011
It is a new and never used detector. It is multi-angle adjustable, keep wide range detection. It is worth you own!
» SN8 remote control copier $2000    25-07-2011
Automatically identify chips, display the code informations. Available for 315MHz, 433MHz frequency, add 868MHz ( European Edition )
» TW-89 Car Remote Control Blocker $520    25-07-2011
It would open the car freely after detecting and scanning the remote control signal sended by the original key. Simple and fast to operate.
» SD-98 Auto remote control blocker $1050    25-07-2011
Fit for fixed code, long code, flash code, hopping code, concealed code, distortion code, half-concealed code, gradually lower code, gradually higher code.
» High power jammer $180    25-07-2011
It would make the anti-theft alarm fail to receive the remote control signal, loss the ability of remote control and warning.
» Locksmith tools unit $180    24-07-2011
Work on all car’s door and house door. Fast and easy to operate, do no harm to the lock. It is the ideal lockpick for you to become a locksmith.
» Power destroy tools $190    24-07-2011
This set emergency lockpicking tools are specially made with imported high quality steel.
» VAG Drive Box IMMO Deactivator Activator $98    24-07-2011
The led on the tool will start to flash slowly, after some seconds the led flashes fast, that mean the immo function is disabled The car will work without Trasponder key!