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EZONG Tooling door-3 (double barb)
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    Brand: EZONG
    Specifications: Tooling door
    Type New
    Date: 30-06-2020
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     EZONG Tooling door-3 (double barb)

    The fixture door is specially designed for using in public place. With circular arc structure, it’s effective in anticollison, dust-free and easy cleaning. The compact panel which is wear-resisting, moisureproof, impact resistance, inflaming retarding, antibacterial, stain resistant, colorful and so on, could provide effective solution to the problems such as knocking, scrape, bump, out of shape in the public. They are applicable to all kinds of public place such as hospital, office, etc.


    Technical reference       


    Normal width of door hole(mm)

    Single door

    Unequal double door

    Double door




    Normal height of door hole(mm)


    Opening angle

    0° ~170°


     Type option       


    Kind of choice

    Wall door

    Wall thickness(mm)


    The type of panel

    Colored GI panelSUS panelHPLAluminum panel

    The type of lock

    Handle lock,Globular lock,Split lock,Push type panic bar,Touch the bead lock,SUS handle

    Controlling type

    Exposed door closer,Interlock, Electric swing door machine

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