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Cleanroom Airtight Sliding Door
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    Brand: EZONG
    Specifications: Cleanroom Airtight Sliding Door
    Type New
    Date: 30-06-2020
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     This series of door design is according to GMP design and safety requirements. It is a custom automatic door and design for hospital operating room, hospital ward area, kindergarten. Select high efficiency brushless DC motor with small size, large power, low noise and long life. High quality sealing gasket is inlaid around door leaf, close to door sleeve when closed, with good air tightness.

    Our website: EZONG

    Technical Reference       

    Normal width of door hole(mm)

    Single door

    Double door


    ≤ 3000

    Normal height of door hole(mm)


    Door leaf opening angle


    Motor system

    Joint venture system

    Type Option       

    Kind of choice

    Sandwich panel

    Handicraft panel

    Wall door

    Wall thickness (mm)

    ≥ 50

    ≥ 50

    ≥ 50

    The type of panel

    Colored GI panelSUS panelHPLAluminum panel

    The type of lock

    Hidden handleSUS handle

    Controlling type

    Electric door system


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