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15tons Mecanum Wheel AGV automated guided vehicle manufacturers
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    Product details

     15tons Mecanum Wheel AGV    automated guided vehicle manufacturers     agv manufacturers   


    Product Description

    Automatic guided transport vehicle-introduction

    Automated Guided Vehicle-AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) refers to a transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical automatic guidance devices that can travel along a prescribed guide path, with safety protection and various transfer functions. AGV belongs to The category of Wheeled Mobile Robot (WMR-Wheeled Mobile Robot). A truck that does not require a driver in industrial applications, and uses a rechargeable battery as its power source. Generally, it can be controlled through a computer to control its travel route and behavior, or use an electromagnetic path-following system to set up its travel path. The electromagnetic track is glued to the floor, and the driverless follows the electromagnetic track. The message carries the transporter that moves and moves.


    The automatic guided transport vehicle-the guidance method of AGV

    1. Electromagnetic induction guidance. The electromagnetic field formed by the low-frequency guide cable and the electromagnetic sensing device are used to guide the operation of the unmanned guided vehicle.

    2. Laser guidance. The laser scanner is used to identify several fixed signs set in its range of motion to determine its coordinate position, thereby guiding the operation of the AGV.

    3. Magnet-gyro guidance. Use a special magnetic position sensor to detect small magnets installed on the ground, and then use gyroscope technology to continuously control the running direction of the unmanned truck.


    Let robot smarter service for world.

    AGV customized electric remote control rail transfer car is designed for transporting heavy cargoes or equipment from one bay to anther in factory, It can be used indoor or outdoor the fields include metallurgy,foundry, new factory construction and ship building and soon with different styles and standard capacities up to 300 tons, we have the solution you need and each style can be designed for your specific application.


    Product introduction

    In response to the 15-ton load transport mode of operation, this paper proposes a Mecanum-based transport solution that meets the functions while maximizing versatility and interchangeability.


    AGV program

    The 15 ton bicycle carrying AGV adopts the omnidirectional mobile platform series developed by our company. The AGV size is 4200mm X 1800mmX 550mm, and the 450mm diameter Mecanum wheel (3T single wheel load) 8X8 independent drive realizes the full transfer of the transport vehicle in 2D plane. Move to.

    Each of the AGV's Mecanum wheels is equipped with a hydraulic balance suspension that can accommodate the impact of uneven ground on the vehicle body and achieve a certain height of lift.

    The control system adopts a high-speed CAN bus control architecture to realize real-time monitoring of the control and status of each drive shaft motor through the CANOPEN protocol.

    Set the emergency stop switch and the three-color sound and light alarm light at the four corners (set an emergency stop button on the remote control), press any emergency stop button, the AGV stops immediately, and the three-color sound and light alarm light passes through different colors and intermittent bees. The user is prompted to work differently in the AGV. A laser safety scanner is installed on each of the four sides for non-contact obstacle avoidance of the AGV.

    The system is equipped with a navigation and dispatching system. The AGV is equipped with a visual positioning sensor at the bottom for AGV path planning and scheduling and navigation. It is also equipped with a wireless remote control for emergency wireless or wired operation of the AGV.


    AGV related technical parameter table






    AGV size (length X width X height)




    Loading capacity




    Driving speed

    0~24m/minute Stepless speed adjustable

    Equipped with remote control


    Chassis lifting stroke


    Suspension have


    Full load climbing ability





    8 hours (full load 4 hours, no load 4 hours)



    Chassis height from the ground


    Height of the ground can be adjusted bythe chassis lifting


    Number of wheels





    Omnidirectional movement (including omnidirectional translation, center-to-centerrotation, and any form of composite motion)


    Wheel form

    McNamm Wheel



    Suspension form

    Balance suspension



    Operational form

    Navigation / remote control



    Navigation form

    Visual navigation (ribbon + QR code)



    Navigation accuracy




    Energy forms

    Large capacity lithium battery



    Minimum turning channel width




    AGV body

    AGV body manufacturing is made of a high-strength steel integrated welded frame, which is welded by a large plate. Through the experience of many cases in our company (shown in Figure 2), this type of frame has high rigidity and good stability, and the weight of the whole machine is easy tocontrol.

    Wheel Group

    The wheel is 450mm mechanical wheel with a single wheel bearing 3T, which has been successfully applied in many projects.

    Balance Suspension

    AGV uses a hydraulically balanced suspension. Each set of Mecanum wheels is equipped with a suspension module that allows the AGV to adapt to uneven ground and 80mm lift.

    Comprehensive Control Box

    The comprehensive control box is the control center of the whole vehicle. It adopts the high-speed CAN bus control architecture and realizes the real-time monitoring of the control and status of each drive shaft motor through the CANOPEN protocol. The electrical system uses strong and weak electricity separation, and each module is concentrated in a box.

    Power battery box

    Power battery box uses a large-capacity, maintenance-free, long-life lithium iron phosphate battery pack that provides up to 1C of discharge capacity with a cycle life of up to 1500 cycles and does not require regular acid replenishment like a lead-acid battery.

    Remote control system

    Remote control system consists of a hand-held transmitter and a vehicle receiver for manual remote control of the chassis driving control. The remote control can be connected to wired control when it is not powered by battery. The handheld remote control has both wireless and wired dual use modes. The wireless mode is automatically turned off when wired operation is used.

    Safety control system

    The vehicle is equipped with sound and light alarm and emergency stop modules, and flash alarm and sound prompts are executed during the entire vehicle walking. At the sa

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