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CMF SMT NTC Thermistors
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    Brand: Shiheng
    Specifications: CMF SMT NTC Thermistors
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    Date: 01-02-2021
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     CMF SMT NTC Thermistors



    Miniature size


    No lead, ideal for high density SMT installation


    Superior solderability and resistance to soldering heat


    Ideal for wave or reflow soldering


    Small size


    Non-standard resistance values


    SMT NTC Thermistors Applications:


    Temperature compensation of IC, LCD,transistor,crytal oscillator of mobile communications equipments


    Temperature sensor for rechargeable batteries


    Temperature compensation of several kinds of circuits


    It is intended for temperature measurement, control and compensation applications throughout many industries such as industrial, telecom and consumer electronics. Typical applications include rechargeable battery packs, TCXO’s, Gas sensor temperature compensation, LCD compensation and CPU temperature monitoring. The SMT sensors are suitable for standard soldering, epoxy and wire bond techniques. Other sizes, resistance values and tolerances are available.


    Shiheng Electronics NTC Thermistors are available in SMT, leaded or leadless form; provide multiple stability options, wide resistance range with option to offer customized solutions to meet customers requirements.Thermistors are widely used for temperature sensing or temperature compensation in general purpose, industrial, automotive or custom high reliability applications.


    Shiheng Chip NTC Thermistors are high quality devices developed especially for surface mounting applications. They are widely used for temperature compensation, but can also achieve temperature control of printed circuits in a wide range of applications, including general purpose, automotive, or custom high reliability.  SMD Thermistors are available with Ni barrier/100% Sn termination for lead free soldering  or with PdAg termination for hybrid assembly.

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