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MF52A Blue Exposy Temp-Measurement NTC Thermistor Series
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    Brand: Shiheng
    Specifications: NTC type thermistors
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    Date: 01-02-2021
    Business type: Manufacturing
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    Product details

     MF52A Blue Exposy Temp-Measurement NTC Thermistor Series



    Air condition Equipments/ Heating Apparatus/Electric Thermometer/Liquid Level Sensor/ Automobile Electricity/ Electric Table-board/ Battery of Mobile Telephone


    Shiheng Electronics Characteristic


    High Testing Precision


    Small size, Fast response


    Steady Operating for long time


    Good quality of copherence and interchange

    Precision Temp Measurement NTC Thermistor

    Scale production, high ratio of features to cost

    This is a property of a Negative Temperature Coefficient resistor (NTC ).


    There are also thermistors that have Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC for short) which means as the temperature increases, the resistance increases. However, PTC thermistors have a sort of tipping point and greatly change the resistance at some temperature. This makes the PTC thermistor a little harder to interface with. For this reason, for most low-cost temperature measurement, NTC thermistors are preferred.


    For the remainder of the article, you can assume we'll be referring to NTC type thermistors.


    Knowing the temperature in a project can a very useful piece of data to have handy. Knowledge of temperature can help regulate room temperature for a comfortable environment, ensure that a 3D printer bed is hot enough for materials like ABS to stick to its surface, prevent engine overheating, and keep food from being burnt.


    For this article, we are only concerned with one type of sensor that can measure temperature. This sensor is called a thermistor.

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