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funkos pop toys funko pop figures
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    Date: 27-05-2019
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     China MS vinyl toys Company, vinyl toy manufacturer

    we custom made vinyl toys, vinyl figures, pop/designer vinyl toys, vinyl game/movie figures, vinyl characters, carton figures etc. custom vinyl toy manufacturer
    As the saying goes, cheap goods. I believe a lot of people see some of the publicity that this plastic toy how good, but to the back of the time to buy back found that is not so. More like some unscrupulous manufacturers of toys without products doll, these can not guarantee the safety, clean toy doll to buy back to the children, is not a wise choice.

    Some people say that I buy expensive always can't go wrong, but small make up visit found that some parents said some expensive plastic doll maintenance is difficult, or nowhere to repair, or a small part of the whole plastic doll quickly catch up with the price of one half, really became a "disposable goods". Some people even think that it is better to choose the cheap one than the expensive one. It's better to choose the right one than the expensive one.

    It is understood that children's toys, including plastic dolls, are easy to wear and tear, and China has not issued "three guarantees" for children's toys. However, if there is a quality problem, we can judge whether the products purchased have 3C certification and safety marks according to the product quality law. If not, we can ask for replacement or return.
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