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 China MS vinyl toys Company,  vinyl figure manufacturers

we custom made vinyl toys, vinyl figures, pop/designer vinyl toys, vinyl game/movie figures, vinyl characters, carton figures etc. designer vinyl toy manufacturers
Plastic recycling enterprises use complex sources of waste plastic simply processed into "two materials", to supply toy factories as raw materials for toy production, which is also the main cause of plastic toys in harmful chemicals and plastic material, structure safety and quality problems.

Plastic recycling, can reduce energy consumption and protect the environment, in the plastic products industry, recycled plastic (commonly known as "two materials") is widely used. However, in order to make recycled plastic strength, stiffness and impact resistance does not reduce, in the recycling process, some toy manufacturers often add plasticizer to improve its performance. Organic solvents are also added in the process of recycling waste plastics. These chemical residues will pose a certain safety risk to human body.

The quality and safety hazards of toys made of recycled plastics may be manifested in three aspects:

First, the strength, stiffness and impact resistance of plastic reduce, easy to be broken or broken, so that small parts or debris fall off, there is a risk of being swallowed by children, at the same time, its sharp tip is easy to harm children;

Secondly, excessive plasticizer may be added, resulting in excessive plasticizer;

Third, in the process of recycling and dissolution of waste plastics, the harmful substances in the solvent, especially the volatile organic compounds remaining on the finished products, may cause harm to consumers.

Plastic toy manufacturers remind when buying toys to see plastic toys production address and product description. Avoid buying three no products
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