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 China MS vinyl toys Company,  vinyl figure manufacturers

we custom made vinyl toys, vinyl figures, pop/designer vinyl toys, vinyl game/movie figures, vinyl characters, carton figures etc. designer vinyl toy manufacturers
Temperature, the word we are familiar with, the proper temperature is one of the best, for example, shower, water was too cold is not good, it's too hot is not good, is the best way to moderate, it is the most comfortable, for the mold temperature to its influence is very big, proper temperature can reduce the deformation of products, but also can improve the quality of products and so on. What are the effects of temperature on mold quality?

First, can reduce the deformation of dongguan plastic products

The mould temperature is stable and the cooling speed is balanced to reduce the deformation of the product. For products with inconsistent wall thickness and complex shape, deformation often occurs due to uneven shrinkage. Therefore, an appropriate cooling system must be adopted to keep the temperature of the mold and various parts of the core basically uniform, so that the plastic melt in the cavity can solidify at the same time.

Second, can improve the surface quality of products

Improving the mold temperature can improve the surface quality of dongguan plastic products, too low mold temperature will make the outline of products is not clear and produce obvious fusion lines, resulting in increased surface roughness of products.

Three, reduce the stress of the mold cracking

For crystalline plastics, the crystallinity is high. The greater the chance of stress cracking is, the lower the control temperature will be.

Fourth, improve the stability of the dimensional accuracy of dongguan plastic products

By using the temperature control system to keep the mold temperature constant, the molding shrinkage of dongguan plastic products can be reduced and the dimensional accuracy of dongguan plastic products can be improved. If possible, lower mold temperature can help to reduce the molding shrinkage of dongguan plastic products. For example, for crystalline plastic, because the mold temperature is low, dongguan plastic products crystallinity is low, low crystallinity can reduce the shrinkage rate. However, low crystallization is not conducive to the stability of the size of the products, starting from the stability of the size, and the need to properly increase the mold temperature, so that the crystallization of dongguan plastic products uniform.
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