TopBuySell won the fight against unethical domain registrar GoDaddy

With great efforts, we,, finally achieved victory over fighting against the bad domain registrar GoDaddy's (GD) extorting $75 USD from us with the threat of suspending our domain forever if we do not pay non-refundable administration fee to this blackmailer. "We eventually get back our money from a robber!" said Mr. Gates, Chief Technology Officer of

GoDaddy (GD) said one day our domain name is in violation of its Terms of Service and obstinately demands $75 USD non-refundable abuse and administrative fee. Their abuse department is self-righteous, irrational and does not respect the truth at all. In a word, its claim is entirely groundless; its behavior is a pure robber! Right here, we would like stress that our website is a global B2B online marketplace. Due to above-mentioned GD's unethical practices as well as our economic loss raised by this issue, Topbuysell reserves the right to file a lawsuit against GD.

Mr. Gates, as CTO of, said that Topbuysell does not care about $75, but care about the fight for justice and truth and must win so as to prevent the exactor GD from having its way. Gates took active in solving this particular problem with two other stuff members and his solutions proved successful. Right here, he would like to share his tips and suggestions with webmasters or any others around the world about how to prevent such problem and how to get your money back from GoDaddy once you encounter similar problems.

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1. Never register or host your domain at this bad registrar GoDaddy. Or else, your domain will be at the risk of suspension. The bad registrar GD can suspend your domain name irrationally at any moment without your permission for some excuses. Lots of people have the experience of involving themselves in such abhorrent issues. You can search such cases to prove this. Once your domain is suspended, Bad registrar GD will then charge you a $199 non-refundable administration fee if you want to unlock your domain and still want to host your name there. It also gives you the second option: charge you a $75 administrative fee to unlock your domain and you must transfer your domain away from this bad registrar within a day. Your last option: Keep your domain in suspension status until your domain expires if you don't pay. You can search online and you will find there are lots of such cases. Webmasters should be aware of this for the future of your websites especially when your websites are important and many visits.

2. Transfer your domain away to a more secure and ethical registrar to prevent above abhorrent situations. If not, you may be lucky enough when you check the DNS status of your domain name using WHOIS. It will show like this:

Once you meet with such situation, you will have to follow GD requirements so as to resolve this situation of your domain suspension. It is because GD suspends your domain name, they won't listen to you at all no matter how you explain your website is innocent even you can prove to be innocent. It is also useless to write an email to their General Manager as it is no doubt that he will absolutely support his company. In this case, their customer support won't support you at all! Instead, they support their Spam and Abuse Department! You may send a complaint to ICANN but its response is so slow, inefficiency and useless. Anyway, it is ok to email ICANN so that ICANN maybe record your case. If ICANN receive more complaints, it will probably take relevant action. If you call the police for help, they will suggest you to bring a lawsuit against GD to get your domain or money back.

3. Important tips on how to get your money back
Once Spam and Abuse Department of GD forces you to pay $75 or $199 non-refundable administration fee by suspending your domain. You'd better choose the option: Let them deduct money from your PayPal account. Then, transfer your domain away to another registrar after they unlock it. When domain transfer is complete, open a dispute in the Resolution Center and choose unauthorized charges so as to get a refund through PayPal. Besides, once anyone encounters this problem, ask for refund (open a dispute) for any order so as to protest GD's ridiculous suspension of your domain or hosting account. If everyone does this, PayPal will find there will be lots of disputes for GD's virtual products and PayPal will refund your money.