Visits: 1700


Venue : Assembly Hall- Jakarta Convention Center - JAKARTA INDONESIA
Date : 24 - 26 September 2010
Opening Hours : From 10.00am to 08.00pm

INNOVATION & NEW PRODUCT EXPO attendees will include:

Industrial Companies, Service Companies, Innovative Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) or Small Medium Industries (SMls): Major Industrial, Commercial Enterprise and Manufacturers, Private Research Institution Corporate Service Laboratories, Innovative SMEs and SMls, New Products Innovation Consultancy Firms, Organizations providing assistance to company start-ups, Development, Financing and Risk Capital

Consumer Technology Innovation: New Innovations & Inventions, Home Products, Telecommunication,
Machineries, Auto-Parts, Consumer Electronics, Office Equipment, Electronic Components, Advertising & Creative Design, Computer & Technology Gadgets, Consumer Electronics and Equipment, Information
Communication Technology (ICT), Business Performance, Card System & Technology, Computer & Network Solutions, Database Management, Digital Media Design, Finance & HR Solutions, Info Security& System, SupplyChain System & Technology.

Life Sciences Innovation: Food Science, Life Science, Health Science, Medical Science, Agriculture &
Herbs, Human Science, Environment, Laboratory, Marine Science, Chemical Science, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology Advertising & Creative Design.

Event Objectives

•Build exposure, generate public interest - INNOVATION & NEW PRODUCT EXPO can demonstrate value and benefits to thousands of visitors with the event.

•Test benefit, features and price points - Certain event like INNOVATION & NEW PRODUCT EXPO can provide corporations with a real- world opportunity to see how consumers respond to product messages, appeals and pricing.

•Demonstrate salability - Roll - out as a strong indicator of consumers willingness to purchase. Can open doors and stimulate interest among potential retailers and distributors.

•Generate revenue - Direct response, can generate sales revenue early in the game, even before distribution is fully in place.

•Become a showcase - For the largest assemblage of Innovations & Inventions , new products and technology, product services and expertise of local and International market place.

•Improve the image of promotion stage for - Become the exhibition media for corporations.

•Be the best marketing testing place - To collaborate for business

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