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Material Recycling Factory (MRF),waste recycling machine,waste recycling system
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    Product details

     Material Recycling Factory (MRF),waste recycling machine,waste recycling system,waste recycling system manufacturer

    While most EU countries and USA still have a policy that favors source separation, Single Stream waste processing is increasingly becoming an alternative for recycling material. And so we also called this project "Material Recycling Factory" MRF.

    While most EU countries and USA still have a policy that favors source separation, Material recycling Factory processing is increasingly becoming an alternative for recycling mixed MSW.

    Classification and selection of dry recyclable materialsplants (commingled) are mainly intended to recover the recyclable fractions of these materials and the reduction of the rejected portion sent to the landfill.

    This kind of facilities mainly process glass, paper and cardboard. When glass is processed, it must be separated efficiently in the initial phase of the process not only to ensure the success of this selling sub-product, but also to avoid a high exhaustion rate in the installed equipment, the pollution of the rest of sub-products and its presence in the plant rejection as well.

    Facilities, as in the case of mechanical treatment of urban waste or the packaging classification and selection plants, can be fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual. The degree of facility automation is defined by different parameters, mainly, the plant treatment capacity, fractions demands to be separated, their quality and the local labor cost.

    A single stream installation separates, sorts, and processes valuable commodities, such as newspaper, mixed paper, plastic containers, PET, Tetra Pak and glass, which are then baled and shipped for reuse.

    Qunfeng is certain that Single Stream waste recycling is an effective, efficient and sustainable alternative to the way most European countries currently collect and process waste.

    Dezhou Qunfeng Machinery Manufacturing Group, located in the east of Ningjin economic development area of Dezhou Shandong, is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to manufacturing and operation of environmental sanitation equipment, weighing product, waste sorting equipment and steel structure. In the environment industry, we mainly engage in research, manufacturing and sales of hydraulic products such as waste transfer equipment and waste sorting equipment. The company is well placed for excellent environment and convenient traffic. It was first established in 1997 with 100 million yuan of registered capital. Currently it covers an area of 88,000 square kilometers with 500 million yuan of fixed assets and has more than 560 employees including 560 with senior title and 85 technical personnel.

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