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BV Series Pneumatic Vibrator
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    Product details

     The BV series is a product line of pneumatic industrial vibrators consisting of single and multiple impact piston type vibrators and the quieter rotary style industrial vibrators. The multiple impact BV units include direct and air cushioned designs. The rotary BV industrial vibrators include ring, ball and turbine styles. The BV series industrial vibrators are designed to effectively solve bulk solid material flow problems by introducing a variable level of energy into the powder material to break the bonds of partical cohesion and adhesion to vessel surfaces. The BV series of industrial vibrators are cost-effective and reliable devices to solve bulk solid material flow problems.

    BVP/BAH piston industrial vibrators and air hammers provide continuous low frequency or single impact vibrator energy
    BVK/BVR/BVT ball, ring and turbine industrial vibrators are compact, lightweight and quiet compared to other types
    Frequency and amplitude are adjustable
    Industrial vibrator controllers and accessories are available
    Promote and maintain flow of powders in bins
    Dislodge clogs in bins and pipes
    Aggregate processing
    Food production
    Many others
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